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Zebulon Huset is a San Diego-based writer and photographer. His writing has recently appeared in The Southern Review, Louisville Review, Meridian, North American Review, The Cortland Review, The Portland Review and The Texas Review, among others. He has worked on several literary magazines, including serving as managing editor of the Seattle Review, he publishes a writing prompt blog (Notebooking Daily) and his flash fiction submission guide was reposted at The Review Review.
Rainy Staycation Hymn
By Zebulon Huset

Somewhere between stacks 
            of flat-packed laminate
                                   and shining rows 
                       of chrome shower nozzles
shown             like taxidermied robot heads,
you squeezed my ass            and giggled 
            and nodded at the door 
                                     and we hurried 
from the hardware store           without the sealant 
           we'd walked there for.

                      It would rain 
           all week         and the roof would leak 
through the light socket         until it shorted 
            and we would run to the corner bodega 
                         sharing one pocket-sized umbrella
                                                 to buy one-dollar 
            glass-wrapped Sacred Heart of Jesus candles 
                                     and a box of red wine.

                                     And even though
            we didn't exactly pray for serenity or solace
                        while staring into their quivering light—
            to the subtle soundtrack of rain caught in pans
patting a sweet steel drum rhythm—
                                                we made love
                        for the fourth time in a week
            for the first time in years.                     Amen.