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Another Word for Deteriorating Over Time
By Zebulon Huset

We reap fields of dust 
in bleak kitchen cupboards. 
Soon we'll release our ant farm 
unto that untouched Eden. 
Like deity trackers, each morning 
we’ll seek meek footprints.
Perhaps our ants will draft 
six winged dust angels as penance
and we’d laugh as proud parents 
with smiting fingertips ready to stamp 
any ant that goes after our apples. 

To avoid moving costs, 
own very little. 
Possessions accumulate around you 
when you settle. 
In triangles of sunlight 
you can see the vibrating strings of things 
waiting to be snipped. 

She said if you get rid of everything 
too many times, 
soon you'll have nothing. 
That's life. 
he said you still 
can't call a poem “Entropy.” 

Even beaches slough sand.
Whichever way the current sways,
so migrates rock’s ground grains.
Combed from the beach 
they’d each come to call home.
Landforms too rid self
of self, as sands scatter a sea
like ashes dashed from a cataclysm.
Terrestrial star stuff.


Yesterday, a row of ducklings 
waddling along the shoulder line
was intentionally dashed 
by a swerving pick-up truck. 

Lightning strikes too few people. 

Sometimes I squish ants 
just because. 
I'm neither proud 
nor ashamed. 

When I see grand ruins 
I imagine great stone structures 
like massive skeletons, teeth bared,
never buildings whole—
no Packard factories churning out cars—
they’re deprived of facades 
of wood or plaster. Scrapped of metals.
Of stones small enough 
to be carted off, repurposed
for a hut, a fire pit, a place of worship. 
The dust of immensity 
spread thin again.

Zebulon Huset is a San Diego-based writer and photographer. His writing has recently appeared in The Southern Review, Louisville Review, Meridian, North American Review, The Cortland Review, The Portland Review and The Texas Review, among others. He has worked on several literary magazines, including serving as managing editor of the Seattle Review, he publishes a writing prompt blog (Notebooking Daily) and his flash fiction submission guide was reposted at The Review Review.