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Scott T. Hutchison’s work has appeared in The Georgia Review and The Southern Review. Poems are forthcoming in Louisiana Literature, Concho River Review, Birmingham Arts Journal, Appalachian Heritage, Red Dirt Forum, and Tar River Poetry. A new book of poems entitled "Moonshine Narratives" is slated for a January 2019 release with Main Street Rag Publishing.
Moonlight at Last
By Scott Hutchison

Bury me during the vesper breath of night, beneath the kindness
of moonshine--graceful incandescence unveiling all trappings 
masking our day faces. Take hands, form a ring, 
let the hobgoblins emerge from their mischievous shadows, 
invite them in to sing my dirge. If the wind cries in chorus
know this: it is for us, not me. Look to the opposite sky
and you will find holiness and rarity in moonbow: 
soft cerulean, essential red reflected in the icy diamond dust 
of fleeting vapors—that is what I leave: the brief cold flame 
of muted color, the puzzlement of discordant song. I am content 
to leave the smile and bruisings of this life, eased by the balm
of silver splendor and the bright inoculative piercings
flowing from distant stars. Let the angels noisily play
in colorless clouds and sunlight--I have danced 
and wrestled my share through their mysteries,
earning a rest more contented here at the fringes
of ghost and quiet serenity. Bury me in broad field: 
let my grave expression drink in all aspects 
of blessing: harvest, blood, blue, the rarities
of pillars, moon dogs, coronas, halos. No wreaths
no cerements at my interment—surround my naked love 
with Evening Phlox, Tender Bulb, white trumpets 
of Flowering Tobacco, the mellifluous rustle and perfume 
of Night Blooming Jasmine. Breathe deeply in your singing,
allow fragrant bewitching to hold sway. No need
to remember the decay of me--hold tight to warm hands
as buds blossom and flower in the darkness, content 
that I have passed on only a little ways. Day after day: 
let the sun kiss the moon, let the moon 
kiss the patch of earth I am and will always be.