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Sarah Levine is the author of Her Man (The New Megaphone Press, 2013.) Work has appeared in Best New Poets, Fourteen Hills, PANK, Green Mountains Review among others. Levine received her MFA from Sarah Lawrence College, won Westchester Review's Writers' Under 30 Prize, and has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. She currently teaches Middle School English in Western Massachusetts.
I Hear a Goose in the Sky Say Again
By Sarah Levine

We started in a bedroom 
tossing watermelon out a window,  

watching chickens pick for seeds.  

Your hand on the back of my neck 
and if I told the entire story

I would never get it back. 
You are one loud sentence

someone finds wherever there is dancing. 
These days I leave parties alone and

on the walk home taste 
the time we talked about toys geese and love,

when I wore all white in the grass.  

The things we do in the dark do us good 
you said before your hand  

fell from the back of my neck. 
It was forever ago, me with a body  

full of mad flapping birds. 
You loved birds, loved  

to watch a storm of geese 
flock into our field  

while I kneeled in wheat 
staring at my hands.
"Sarah Levine's poems paint an illustrious and chilling portrait of every day life -- finding the strange nuances and details that many of us don't see. I love her poems -- and their quietness. In her poem "Funeral," the last lines kill me: 'sometimes you/make it difficult to live.'" - Joanna Valente, 2016 Poetry Judge,