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Meg Waddington grew up in the mountainous region of Lancaster PA. She has a love for nature and the metaphors that grow out of the rolling woods. She has always considered her environment a place to absorb, learn and grow from. Now a University of the Arts Graduate, Meg lives in South Philadelphia, and is spreading her roots and growing within new spaces. Her curiosity for life, and all that fills it, is what drives her to create. Infinitely fascinated by the temporality of each passing moment, she embraces the ever changing life she leads. Within this mentality, Meg creates based on the moment she is in, tactile and breathable. Her poetry and corresponding illustrations journey into the surreal by their nature of being nearly entirely stream of consciousness, and then refined. Her hope is that through her work she can provide a new lens to see the world through, promoting curiosity among those who view it. Curiosity, she believes, is what keeps us present, motivated to grow and prosper.