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Letter from the Editor

It has been a couple of years since I’ve written a letter from the editor. I like the journal to speak for itself—that is, I like the writing to be the focus. So I’ll keep this brief.

When I launched Green Briar Review in 2012, I had no idea what I was doing. I was 25-years-old, had just completed the first year of a MFA program, and figured I’d give it a go. I did my best to treat submitters as I wanted to be treated from the journals I was submitting to: promptly (as is possible), respectfully, and positively. 

I have learned a lot along the way. Some incredible people have joined the team, and we have done our best to let GBR create its identity through you: our readers and our contributors. We are so grateful to have your support as we view our job, simply put, as publishing the best work we receive in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

This year is off to an exciting start as we publish our first print issue. It has been a long time coming. In order to help support this effort, and the numerous steps forward we have planned for 2019 (announcements to come), we have created some unique T-shirts and mugs to help fund the efforts. Check them out on our website.

We hope you enjoy this issue and find something in here that makes you think differently and feel deeper.

In the online version, we have published a small selection of the greater issue. You can purchase the print issue here.

Thank you, dear reader. And thank you to those who fill the Winter 2019 pages. 

Geoff Watkinson, Founder & Editor-in-Chief
January 2019