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Kelvin Kellman writes from Nigeria. He's had works featured or forthcoming in The Stockholm Review, Leveler, Cabildo Quarterly, Genre Urban Arts, and elsewhere.
By Kelvin Kellman

A passage, a voyage, a mileage; a bazaar 

abode to motley species diverse in fancy.

A long arduous play unfurls at first-cry—

each his tale and script, her fame and grit.

We are all protagonists in an epic playhouse.

But let none succumb to the con of youth,

even heaven’s blistering tool cowers to the 

lurking shadows of dusk. For sooner comes

the evening crow, when the blinding stampede

of night-time bares its dreadful fangs, and 

happiness peals to the impulse of memory. 

In no time, all will be left to the wider 

fields of yore; tapering to a grinding halt

like the muted song of a pendulum once alive 

with vigour—echoing the sombre winter 

hymn—of a passage, a voyage, a mileage.