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Jim Ross: After retiring from a career in public health research in early 2015, Jim Ross resumed creative pursuits in hopes of resuscitating his long-neglected left brain. He's since published 90 pieces of nonfiction, a dozen poems, and nearly 300 photos in over 90 journals in North America, Europe, and Asia. His publications include Bombay Gin, Columbia Journal, Gravel, Ilanot Review, Lunch Ticket, Kestrel, MAKE, and The Atlantic. In the past year, he wrote and acted in his first play, and one of his nonfiction pieces led to a role in a soon-to-be-released major documentary limited series. His goal is to combine creative nonfiction with photography. He and his wife--parents of two health professionals and grandparents of four wee ones--split their time between Maryland and West Virginia.

***All photography in the Spring 2019 issue has been contributed by Jim Ross.