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Isa Guzman is a TITERE poet from Los Sures, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Dedicates to exploring the traumas and hardships of his Puerto Rican community and society at large, his work has been featured in several magazines and anthologies, such as: The Bridge (Brooklyn Poets), The Acentos Review, The Casita Grande Lounge, The Good Men Project, and The Other Side of Violet. Currently pursuing his MFA at Brooklyn College. He is also working toward his first collection of poems & first exhibition of visual art. You can also hear him speak on the subject of masculinity and the Puerto Rican community on the podcast, Pan Con Titeres.
For Dean Kostos
By Isa Guzman

Will the pen across the carving
calendars & count the noise
of moments where you held your breath

Will the moon into your crawling
pages: expelled clouds of your lungs
& tendrilled moments of beatific blood

Will remembrance into the rose's
Scent: hold it, like a cloud, with
earnest intentions, and rain

& will the drafts
from this
to that
By Isa Guzman

May the eons
cascade today
to protect you
from the nomad word

May you breathe
the sun's coral
spiraling through
the tapestries of cloudbursts

May you scream
of pain in rumination
as rumination flails

& may you in your cornea
steer (silence)
from here
to there