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Caitlin Thomson resides in the Chuckanut Mountains. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in numerous places, including: The Literary Review of Canada, The Liner, and the anthology Killer Verse. Her second chapbook, Incident Reports, is forthcoming in 2014 from Hyacinth Girl Press. You can learn more about her writing at www.caitlinthomson.com.
By Caitlin Thomson

The Mariachi band enters the subway car 
and I can hear the screech 
before the accordion is pulled back.

I am awake in my coat
deep within layers of cloth,
and the shade that memory casts

of bed and comforter. 
Before me, marches a day 
in those turquoise and black 

uniforms, the shoes polished 
and clicking. I reach for 
the quiet of sheet, 

the curl of my husbands back
as the guitar strums, tangy.
I am sitting between

strangers, the burden of bag 
given to the floor and feet.
The song ends and the crowded

silence resumes. A black
wide brimmed hat passes empty.
The musicians exit, not saying a word.