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GBR Returns From Hiatus

by Green Briar Review on 07/31/18

Welcome Back to Green Briar Review!

After hibernating for more than a year, GBR has woken up. 

Many of the former editors and readers scattered across the US (including me!), and it became clear that running Green Briar consistently was going to be too difficult. Thus, the hiatus.

As we return, we aim to be more refined, and politically and culturally focused. We will continue to publish the three main genres of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. But we’re opening up to reviews (lit, film, etc.), commentary, arts and culture essays (technology, science, economics, conflict, climate, relationships, race, travel, religion, etc.). 

We are hiring editors across the board. We don’t ask for commitments of huge numbers of hours per week, as these positions are unpaid and likely to remain so for some time; we do ask for a commitment of at least three to six months where you can read and review submissions, interact with submitters, and contribute to the blog (yes – there is a new blog coming, and we’d love for you to contribute).

Fiction Editor (1): Responsible for coordinating with readers and the managing staff on pieces that will be accepted for publication; declining submission; coordination with authors; offering edits and creative input on accepted/potentially accepted submissions. Opportunities to contribute to the blog. Your voice will be heard loud and clear. We’re looking for someone to grow with us as we continue to expand. 

Fiction Readers (2): Responsible for reading, commenting, and voting on approximately 15 submissions of various lengths per week.

Poetry Editor (1): See Fiction Editor

Poetry Readers (2): See Fiction Reader 

Nonfiction Editor (1): See Fiction Editor

Nonfiction Readers (2): See Nonfiction Reader 

We have successfully mastered the art of print publication during the hiatus, and we will be opening up to reading for our first full-length nonfiction manuscript in the near future, which we’re very excited about. There will be more to come on this front.

We hope you’ll return to the world of the Green Briar and join us on us for our relaunch. 

Geoff Watkinson

Founder & Managing Editor

Green Briar Review




Announcement of Our 2016 Contests in Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry

by Green Briar Review on 03/09/16

We are pleased to announce the judges for our three contests this year:

Fiction Judge: Aaron Hamburger
Nonfiction Judge: Carson Vaughan
Poetry Judge: Joanna Valente

There will be a $250 winner in each genre, as well as publication to the two runners up in each category. More information can be found on Submittable and on our contest webpage. SUBMISSIONS ARE NOW OPEN!

Editor Publications

by Green Briar Review on 02/12/16

Senior Fiction Editor, Phil Quam, has a nonfiction piece up at Word Riot here.

Managing Editor, Geoff Watkinson, has essays up at The Virginian Pilot (on space and Mars and such) and The Good Men Project (on the addiction epidemic).