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Alberto Sveum is an MFA candidate in Poetry at Indiana University Bloomington. He received his B.A. in English and Philosophy from the University of Northern Iowa. He is currently working on a chapbook touching on metal music, phenomenology, and jubilation.
Watching Expire at the Blue Moose Tap House
By Alberto Sveum

It took a toke or two
a few forties
and a couple local openers
before you 
toddled to the corner
and spent the rest of the night swaying
to amplifier static.

I stayed with Abe and Christian
to steamroll lanky teenagers
embrace the breakdown
and lob noggins about
in a dissonant cesspool
of sweat, spilled beer, and bedraggled hair.
Stage lights flickered as fast as the crash of the snare
a cavalcade of Converse and Vans rumbled the concrete.
I heaved my arms through the dense smoke
like the living, 
thrashing through the soil 
of a premature burial,
the grimey hand, grasping for a friend,
but met with tattered Metallica tees
and a grisly lung of filth.

Now all I am certain of is the distance.
Over the solo cups plastered to the pavement
past the surfers floundering in the pit
to you wavering on the cusp of the crowd
standing up only from
the subwoofer’s blast
with your haphazard hands at your sides
eyes lounging behind everblack lids.